Styx River

The main event: Styx river is generally shallow and slow moving. It's perfect for tubing, kayaking, or just sitting in a bag chair! We have 1,400' of river frontage so there is plenty of river for every one! 

The Hangout

A large covered pavilion with a sandy floor, plans for this area include picnic tables, an outdoor kitchen, music and you are just a few steps away from the river.
The Back Porch

Located more centrally on the property, The Back Porch is a perfect place to sip a cup of coffee to watch the sunrise. Plans for this area include an outdoor coffee station, a close by playground, and plenty of seating those looking to take a load off.

Styx Around The Park-110.jpg

With beautiful cypress, cedars, pines, and sweetgum all around, this is no concrete jungle! If you are a bird watcher, photographer or just appreciator of nature, this is the place for you!

The Fort

With slides, rock walls, swings, sand, and two towers The Fort is waiting for imagination and play!

Gaga Ball

A version of dodge ball that's all the rage these days. If your children are not familiar with it, there is a large rule board next to the pit. Gather a group and have some fun!