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Activities for Kids of All Ages

Due to COVID-19 we must limit the amount and type of activities that we offer. Until further notice, staff lead activities occur only during Friday evenings, as well as on Saturdays and Sundays. 

You will find an incredible variety of activities at Jellystone Park™! Check out what you can look forward to when the bears wake up from hibernation in 2019! From Memorial Day Weekend in May until mid-August, we have both open-play activities as well as ranger-led activities.

Water Wars Wagon Ride - Family Wagon Rides - Themed Crafts - Yogi Bear™ Movie Time - Outdoor Yard Games - Social Gatherings - Candy Bingo - Scavenger Hunts - Karaoke Parties - Pool Volleyball - Wacky Water Relay Races - Fishing - Tether ball Volleyball Games - Horseshoes - Corn Hole Games - Basketball Kids' Games - Foam Fun * - Gem Mining Sluice * - Flashlight Freeze Tag - Sand Art * - Glitter Tattoos * - Pool Games - Pool Relay Races - Splash Pad Fun - Ceramics Painting * - Color Time *

 denotes a paid activity.

Character Interactions

Meeting Yogi Bear™ and friends is the highlight of every child’s Jellystone Park™ vacation! You can catch Yogi Bear™ trying to take pic-a-nic basket, meet children at the park for pictures, or visit site-by-site to sweet talk the guests. Boo Boo Bear™ tags along as the two are best buds. Don’t forget to give your hi-five’s, hugs, and love to Yogi Bear™ and Boo Boo Bear™ while vacationing with Jellystone Park™.  

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